Posts from September, 2015

  • IRS Warns Taxpayers to Guard Against New Tricks by Scam Artists Following the emergence of new variations of widespread tax scams, the Internal Revenue Service has issued another warning to taxpayers to remain on high alert and protect themselves against the ever-evolving array of deceitful tactics scammers use to trick people. These ... Continue Reading
  • Tax Tips for Starting a Business When you start a business, a key to your success is to know your tax obligations. You may not only need to know about income tax rules but also about payroll tax rules. Here are five tax tips that can help you get your business off to a good start. 1. Business Structure. An ... Continue Reading
  • Back-To-School Reminder for Parents and Students: College Tax Credits for 2015 and Years Ahead With another school year just around the corner, now is a good time to see if students will qualify for either of two college tax credits or other education-related tax benefits when they file their 2015 federal income tax returns. In general, the American Opportunity Tax ... Continue Reading
  • Key Tax Tips on the Tax Effects of Divorce or Separation Income tax may be the last thing on your mind after a divorce or separation. However, these events can have a big impact on your taxes. Alimony and a name change are just a few items you may need to consider. Here are some key tax tips to keep in mind if you get divorced or ... Continue Reading
  • Upcoming Tax Deadlines September Tues 15 Individuals: Pay the third installment of your 2015 estimated tax. Tues 15 Partnerships: File Form 1065 if you timely requested a 5-month extension. Tues 15 Corporations: File calendar year Form 1120 or 1120S if you timely requested a 6-month extension. ... Continue Reading