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  • Reminder to Employers: Jan. 31 Filing Deadline Now Applies to All Wage Statements and Independent Contractor Forms The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act includes a requirement for employers to file their copies of Form W-2 and Form W-3 with the Social Security Administration by Jan. 31. The Jan. 31 deadline also applies to certain Forms 1099-MISC filed with IRS to report ... Continue Reading
  • The Saver’s Credit A special tax break can help people with qualifying incomes save for retirement. It’s called the Saver’s Credit and it could mean up to a 50 percent credit for the first $2,000 a taxpayer contributes to a retirement plan. Also known as the Retirement Savings Contributions ... Continue Reading
  • Year-End Charity Donations May Cut Tax Bills Those looking to maximize their tax savings before the end of the year may wish to consider charitable giving. Giving money or goods to a tax-exempt charity before Dec. 31 can usually be deducted on that year’s federal income tax return. Keep in mind the following: Only ... Continue Reading
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