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  • Give Withholding and Payments a Check-Up to Avoid a Tax Surprise Some people are surprised to learn they’re due a large federal income tax refund when they file their taxes. Others are surprised that they owe more taxes than they expected. When this happens, it’s a good idea to check your federal tax withholding or payments. Doing so now ... Continue Reading
  • Upcoming Tax Deadlines 2019 September DAY 10 Employees Who Work for Tips – If you received $20 or more in tips during August, report them to your employer. You can use Form 4070. 16 Employers – Social security, Medicare, and withheld income tax. If the monthly deposit rule applies, deposit the tax for ... Continue Reading
  • You can use your 2018 tax return to do a withholding checkup Millions of people have filed their 2018 tax return, making this a prime time to consider whether their tax situation came out as expected. If not, you can use your finished 2018 return and the Tax Withholding Estimator to do a Paycheck Checkup and, if needed, adjust your ... Continue Reading
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