Posts from September, 2019

  • Upcoming Tax Deadlines 2019 September DAY 10 Employees Who Work for Tips – If you received $20 or more in tips during August, report them to your employer. You can use Form 4070. 16 Employers – Social security, Medicare, and withheld income tax. If the monthly deposit rule applies, deposit the tax for ... Continue Reading
  • You can use your 2018 tax return to do a withholding checkup Millions of people have filed their 2018 tax return, making this a prime time to consider whether their tax situation came out as expected. If not, you can use your finished 2018 return and the Tax Withholding Estimator to do a Paycheck Checkup and, if needed, adjust your ... Continue Reading
  • Employers who provide leave might qualify to claim valuable credit Employers who provide paid family and medical leave to their employees might qualify for a credit that can reduce the taxes they owe. It’s called the employer credit for family and medical leave. Here are some facts about the credit to help employers find out if they might ... Continue Reading
  • New IRS impersonation email scam The Internal Revenue Service and its Security Summit partners warned taxpayers and tax professionals about a new IRS impersonation scam campaign spreading nationally via email. Remember: the IRS does not send unsolicited emails and never emails taxpayers about the status of ... Continue Reading
  • Business owners may be able to benefit from the home office deduction Taxpayers who use their home for business may be eligible to claim a home office deduction . It allows qualifying taxpayers to deduct certain home expenses on their tax return. This can reduce the amount of the taxpayer’s taxable income. Here are some things to help ... Continue Reading