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Comprehensive Small Business Tax Services

Your Year-Round Tax Advisor With A Small Business Emphasis

When you started your company, it wasn't for the joy of filing taxes. Yet, if you're without the kinds of tax services and support that are essential to most small business owners, it's almost inevitable that you'd waste time worrying about eventual tax problems.

With the support of your local Padgett advisor, you have the help you need to address your issues - whether they be tax resolution and representation, compliance, management reporting or general business concerns.

Save time and money by partnering with Padgett to ensure that you know your tax requirements, are able quickly resolve issues, maintain your compliance and protect your bottom line year-round.

Most importantly, empower yourself with the freedom to run your business with the peace of mind that your tax partner will ensure all of your bases are covered.

Padgett's Small Business Tax Services

Working with a single tax advisor that has intimate knowledge of your company and vast experience with small business owners is key to getting the support you need. The only way to keep more of your money is to have a partner that works closely with you throughout the year, creating plans to save on all aspects of tax.

Rather than simply reporting numbers on a tax form like most tax preparers, we help make a positive impact on those numbers with:

  • Tax Resolution And Representation
    Get the experienced help you need to address an IRS notice or any other tax notice. Eliminate or minimize tax penalties with prompt attention.

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  • Tax Consulting
    Get support managing your income, payroll and sales tax, as well as the advice you need to understand and prevent typical tax problems.

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  • Management Reporting And Bookkeeping
    Lean on a trusted advisor to help you understand what your data means, but more importantly, to create a plan for improving your business.

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  • Government And Tax Compliance
    Ensure the accurate and timely completion of your compliance forms while minimizing the burden of managing these important records.

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