Comprehensive Small Business Tax Services

Your Year-Round Business Consultants

More than likely, you didn’t start your company because of the joy of filing taxes. Yet, if you're without the kind of tax services and support that’s essential to most small business owners, at some point you’ll spend some time worrying about tax problems.

With the support of PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®, you have the help you need to address your issues—whether they be tax preparation and compliance-related or involve tax resolution and representation to help resolve disputes.

Save time and money by allowing PADGETT to handle your tax needs. PADGETT provides its clients with the tools to quickly resolve issues, stay compliant, and protect their bottom line year-round. Most importantly, they can run their business with the peace of mind that their PADGETT tax and business advisor is there for them.

Various tax forms: 1065, 1120, 1120S, 1040

PADGETT's Small Business Tax Services

Working with a single business advisor that has intimate knowledge of your company and vast experience with small businesses is key to getting the support you need. By having a partner that works with you to create plans and strategies to minimize liability, you’re able to keep more of your money.

Rather than simply reporting numbers on a tax form like most tax preparers, PADGETT helps you understand how those numbers are impacted by providing:

We Help You Look Ahead

At PADGETT, our business consultants make sure you don’t just focus on the past when you prepare your taxes, but also plan ahead to make sure you have a pathway to success for the upcoming year. That’s because we‘re more than just a tax service—we‘re the proactive business partner you deserve.

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