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PADGETT Helps You Avoid Tax Problems

Looking for assistance with handling your taxes? Look no further than PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®. We’re a tax service dedicated to helping you minimize your tax liability and find the right tax deductions for your business. We’re experienced in year-end tax preparation and want to assist you with making important tax decisions for your small business and its future. PADGETT will help you:

  • Take advantage of allowable deductions and credits
  • File accurately and on time
  • Avoid overpaying tax liabilities
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Tired of your current small business tax preparer and feel like you’re just a number to someone who prepares thousands of tax returns each year? Then it’s time to turn to a company that puts its focus on supporting small business owners and assisting them with all their unique tax needs. It’s time to turn to PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®. We can help you seamlessly

Our team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax professionals at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® is available to help you with all your tax preparation needs. Don’t wait for tax season to reach out. Our tax service can help you make smart business decisions that will benefit your bottom line throughout the year. PADGETT’s business consultants offer more than 50 years of experience, so reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

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