Experienced Tax Representation

Let PADGETT Take the Stress Away

It's understandable to worry when you receive an IRS notice, particularly if you do not have experience in dealing with them. A notice may not necessarily mean that you’ve done anything wrong or owe a tax penalty, but it is a clear sign that you’re on the IRS's radar (or that of other government agencies).

It’s important to take action now. Get the tax representation service you deserve, and let experienced representatives from PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® help you manage any potential tax penalties and interest.

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Business Advisors Equipped to Represent You

Not every tax advisor is authorized to represent a taxpayer before the IRS. If you've received an IRS notice, you need someone who can not only assess your current tax situation and determine what you need to do, but also have the ability to formally represent you.

PADGETT offers our clients:

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Dedicated services catered to small business owners
  • Access to an extensive support system our competitors don’t have, but you deserve

Partnering with a knowledgeable tax representative with qualifications for small business tax resolution services is the key to resolving any potential issues and minimizing your tax burden.

The Advantage of Having Year-Round Support

Tax notices can arrive at any time of year, which is why working with a tax advisor and true partner who supports you year-round is essential, especially for small business owners. A quick and timely response to a tax notice is critical.

Working with a tax service on an annual basis, and only during tax time, makes it much more difficult to respond quickly and effectively. However, a partner who provides ongoing tax preparation, tax compliance, and reporting support is someone who knows and understands your business in a way that leads to the smartest strategy and course of action. In addition, it helps your advisor frame your response and more quickly assemble your documentation to resolve small business tax problems.

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