Tax Problem Resolution Services in Maumee and Toledo

If you’ve run into tax problems associated with non-payments, penalties, and audit notices, our entire team holds the necessary certifications, backed by years of experience, to provide the help you need. We work alongside you for tax resolution and can pull IRS transcripts or perform necessary background work to see what has been filed and what is missing. We get your tax issues sorted out, solved, and work out a plan to set you on the path for easier tax filing in the future for better financial stability.

Our tax services are customized for your needs and goals, whether one or both of the following applies to you:

  • Individual Tax Clients – Your tax plan ties into many different and important parts of your financial health, including saving for important life events and making better money-management decisions overall. Planning ahead, looking for deductions, and staying organized helps our individual tax clients in saving for homes, educations, managing trusts and estates, or working toward retirement. If you own a business, depending on the entity, your personal tax return can also be implicated – making this process exceptionally important in these circumstances.
  • Business Tax Returns – Business tax services at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® are applicable for all business entities, whether you’re a sole proprietor, S Corp, LLC, or other incorporated company. While missing a tax filing deadline or making an error can add up to costly fees that cripple your business’ profitability, being proactive with your tax plan makes all the difference. Our Maumee business tax professionals are here to help ensure that you can efficiently manage your company’s tax needs and avoid the common pitfalls associated with this complex process.

Getting Started on your Individual or Business Tax Return

Each new tax client has the opportunity to meet our team and CPAs so we can better understand their current financial situations or any past considerations that will affect their current tax filing. During this introductory phase, our tax preparers review your past return at no added cost, examining information for errors that need to be rectified with state and federal tax agencies, or attempting to find missed opportunities to save money through applicable deductions.

If you’re looking for help this tax season, contact PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® in Maumee for your consultation.

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