Small Business Planning

You are skilled – an expert in your profession. You think you can wing it on your own. Your heart, your guts, even your family encourages you but STOP.

Did you know there are 3 major factors you need to consider before you say “I’m in business”?

  • Capital – How are you going to pay for equipment, your location, maybe employees, but most important, how will you pay for your personal living expenses until the business can support you (whenever that will be).
  • Market – Do you have a market? Where will your customers, clients come from?
  • Location – Where is the best location for your business? This is critical, and while it may not be convenient to your home, it may be where the customers are. Is the more expensive location better for customers than the cheaper location?

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How Padgett Can Help…

Padgett excels in Business Planning for the small business. As the country’s leading small business accounting and tax firm, with over 25,000 clients in North America, we can tell you more easily what you competition is doing, with assurance. We can look at financing options with you. We can assist with financial projections needed for the bank. We can tell you if you can afford the location you are looking at.

Don’t be a statistic – 80% of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years. Let Padgett of SE MI assist you now before you make a life-long financial mistake.

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We help you look ahead

Many small business owners think of tax season as a time to look in the rearview mirror at the previous year. At Padgett, we help you also look through the windshield. Not only do we look at last years finances to calculate what you owe, but we help you get a firm understanding of what your next year is going to look like—before the tax season even begins. We want to be more than just a tax service—we want to be the proactive business partner that you deserve. We are motivated by helping your business