7 Simple Ways to Increase the Cash in Your Business Right Now

dollar bills photoMost entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople believe they can sell their way out of any problem… until they can’t. So many promising companies fail, both start-ups and mature firms, because they don’t manage their cash well. It’s all fine and good when they are growing sales and the market is steady, but the minute something unexpected takes place, they are in a heap of trouble come payroll time.

Growth guru Verne Harnish helps entrepreneurs and managers address cash flow problems in his must-have business growth bible Scaling Up (Gazelles Inc. 2015). In the book, currently the #1 best selling business book on Amazon, Harnish dedicates more than 20 percent of his writing to managing your cash. You don’t have to be an accounting wiz to benefit, in fact, if you hate accounting you need to read it. Here, Harnish shared another great tool with a 7-point plan to ramp up your cash. See if you can bring in more green by manipulating these financial levers.

7 Simple Ways to Increase the Cash in Your Business Right Now (INC.)

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