7 Guiding Questions for Business Success

If I were starting a business today there are just seven questions I would want answers to. Funny thing is, even after twenty-five years in business, I still need the answers to these questions.

Now, it’s not that I can’t find these all-important answers, it’s that they change constantly, and to some degree that’s how I know I’m growing and evolving.

Visiting these sevenĀ “guiding questions” is what keeps me sane or at least moving down a path that’s heading towards something worth doing. They inform strategy, purpose, priorities, culture, marketing, projects, process, and simple day-to-day tasks.

Hang these questions on a big poster somewhere prominent so that everyone in your organization is constantly pondering answers. Pull your entire team together every 90 days or so, and go on a search for the current state of these answers. Hole up in a cabin in the woods once a year, for long enough to get all the voices in your head to quiet down in order to ponder truly meaningful answers to the following seven questions.

7 Guiding Questions for Business Success (INC.)

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