5 Tax Proposals to Watch During Wednesday’s Debates

republicans photoAs the now-smaller fleet of Republican candidates prep for their second round of debates Wednesday–former Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out on Friday, citing money issues–you can expect there will be a lot more substance mixed in with the more typical sniping.

So far, the debates have been interesting political theater, and the show has been stolen by brash and frequently offensive real estate mogul Donald Trump, who is fond of name-calling and making incendiary remarks, most notably about immigrants. The noise around his candidacy has been so deafening that it’s hard for the other contestants to make themselves heard. But this time they’d better not be wallflowers; Americans are clamoring for substance.

One topic that business owners are eager to hear about is taxes, with 70 percent of registered voters saying the issue is either extremely important or very important, according to a CNN/ORC International poll released September 10.

Ever since Ronald Reagan’s presidency, cutting taxes has been perhaps the defining plank of the Republican Party, so expect the candidates to start defining their positions on this vital subject. That should be welcome information, as knowing where the candidates stand on this issue could certainly influence your vote–if not the future of your company.

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