Posts from November, 2013

  • 4 Affordable Luxuries You Shouldn’t Afford Looking for ways to ensure there’s some extra money at the end of every month? Cut out these 4 expenses. Just because affordable is in front of affordable luxury, it doesn’t mean you should afford it. There are lots of big ticket luxuries that we’d love to indulge ourselves ... Continue Reading
  • Grandparents In A Prime Position To Help With College Grandparents can help with college and lower taxable income. A grandparent helping their grandchild pay for college can be a win all around. When a grandparent that contributes to a 529 savings plan, it lowers assets within the grandparent’s estate. This helps lowering ... Continue Reading
  • Travel for Good, Save In Taxes Travel expenses for charity help lower your taxes. The IRS allows you to deduct your expenses when traveling for a charity cause. However there are a few criteria that you need to meet to be able to qualify for the deduction. The charity work that you are doing has to be the ... Continue Reading
  • Made a Bad Loan? There’s a Silver Lining! So your friend was in a pinch and you thought they’d be good for it and they weren’t. It’s not all bad; you can lower your taxable income as a result. Maybe you loaned money to a friend to help with a struggling situation. But now it’s beginning to look like you are never ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Common Budgeting Mistakes Businesses Can’t Afford To Make Many businesses regularly overlook 3 common mistakes that wind up costing them dearly and obstructing their path to a successful venture. A lot of business owners go into business because they are good at making widgets or good at providing a service. New business owners ... Continue Reading
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