Reporting & Payroll Services

Personal service makes for a smooth transaction. We understand that no 2 small businesses are alike. PADGETT will work with you to assess and identify the services that your business needs and tailor our services to provide as many or as few as your business requires. Conversion to our payroll service is easy and we offer direct deposit. We have efficient, timely service with no penalties! Guaranteed! We are confident that you will find that we are quite affordable.

At PADGETT, we specialize in helping new businesses get started. We know from experience that the paperwork can be a nightmare for the new business owner. As such, it tends to be the thing that small business owners set aside, thinking they will get the business open and “take care of the details later.”

This is the biggest mistake that small businesses make, and probably one of the most common reasons they fail! Before you start your business, it is critical to speak to someone who can handle these details for you.

PADGETT can help you by getting you registered with the IRS, State and Local taxing agencies and offering you the peace of mind that you are not missing anything.

Stop stressing about your taxes and payroll and leave them to our business consultants. Reach out to PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® today at (570) 740-3857.

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